The Films

Most of the films are in Papiamentu with English or Dutch subtitles. How the subtitles are presented and the language depends on how the filmmakers have delivered the films. For some films you will be able to set the subtitles on and off and for others this is not possible. For each film you will find the subtitling information at the top of the description area. 

<p><span style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"><span class="font-bold">How it works</span></span></p>

How it works

Each film has its own price for renting or buying. So the choice is yours to have access to the film for 1 day or a lifetime. To watch a film you have to click on the desired film and follow the steps.

<p><span class="font-bold">Gift Cards</span></p>

Gift Cards

You can also decide to buy a gift card to give a friend or family member the gift of a good time guaranteed. People can than use and redeem as they go..

<p><span class="font-bold">Payment Options</span></p>

Payment Options

On this platform we accept all major credit card brands and paypal. If in any case you would like to wire a payment, you can always contact us at

Giving Back

By renting or buying a film on this platform, you contribute to the creation of more films in the near future. As 1% of this platform's profit is donated to Alex Alberto Film Fonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the films have subtitles?

Yes, all the films have subtitles. Most of the films are subtitled in english.

Do I have to sign up before buying or renting my first film?

No, you don't need to sign up before buying or renting your first film. You can just go ahead and buy or rent your first film. During that process you will automatically create an account.

How do I buy or rent a film on TAYA if I only have iDeal?

To buy or rent a film using iDeal is super easy. You first need to create a FREE Paypal account and after that you can charge your paypal account using iDeal. In under 10 minutes you will be able to buy or rent your first film on TAYA using your brand new Paypal account. To make it super easy for you, here is a link showing you how to handle this.

What is the duration of a rental?

The duration of a rental is 24 hours.

What are the recommendations to watching films from TAYA on TV?

We recommend using chromecast, airplay or mirror your phone if you are using android. The browsers on TVs are mostly underdeveloped and can not carry video streaming.

What browser do you recommend using for watching films on a computer?

We highly recommend using chrome. But most browser will do, except internet explorer.

Gift Cards

A good time guaranteed

You can't go wrong with a gift card. Give the gift of a good time guaranteed.

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Film Submission

We are always looking to enlarge our catalog of films. If you are a filmmaker and you would like to be on this platform, feel free to send us an email at with a short description of your film and a trailer so we can start the conversation.